Sciabika uses only high-end, end-of-series fabrics, often the same ones used by the most famous Italian fashion houses.

Thanks to these excellent materials, my passion and creativity is fueled. Many unique garments are born that follow the taste and needs of every single woman who enters Sciabika.


Alongside my range of ready-made garments, I also offer a service for those who would like to creative their own unique piece. You can choose the model, fabric, color and pattern; becoming the true designer of your unique garment!

The construction of the garment is handcrafted starting from fine fabrics such as linen, cotton, velvet, silk, organza and yarns such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair and many others.

The result is a unique and exclusive piece because it is always made with different fabrics, motifs and accessories.

now as then

“Sciabika” was born in memory of my maternal grandmother, a Sicilian surname of Arab origin whose meaning is a ”fishing net made from the union of various recycled pieces with meshes of different shapes and sizes”.

This technique was used to contain the costs of fishermen’s labor, when “the value of things” was still important. It is from here that I would like to start, as it epitomizes my concept and idea of ​​sustainable fashion.

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