is the style of Sciabika, offering clothes and accessories that are made mainly with high-end, end-of-series fabrics that have been creatively transformed in order to valorize each piece, producing artisan pieces with a high level of skilled craftsmanship.


In my boutique I create fine fashion garments, handcrafted according to the taste and needs of every single woman who enters my shop.

Here, my concept of sustainable fashion meets the wishes of my customers, giving life to garments with a great personality made mainly with high-end, end-of-series fabrics.

Inside my small shop in Via della Vigna Nuova in Florence, everything is designed by me, everything is unique and distinguishable.


All the garments are conceived, designed and sewn by hand with attention to detail, high quality fabrics and accessories. Each garment is a unique piece and can also be tailor-made for the customer.

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